Sortly- Inventory app for business, home inventory Download APK

Download Sortly- Inventory app for business, home inventory 1.2.8 APK

The #1 ranked and highest rated ( ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ) Business Inventory, Home Inventory and Moving app on the app store finally comes to Android !!!

Featured in Forbes, ABC news, FOX news, New York Post & Inc. etc! – More than 5 million items tracked and sorted!

Create a visual inventory of your inventory with photos, tags, notes, price, QR labels, barcode scanner, lending info and more.


1. Track Small Business Inventory
2. Manage Home Inventory
3. Organize Your Move
4. Catalog your Collectibles


• Proven Best-In-Class
• Simple & Intuitive
• Flexible & Customizable
• Over 5 Million Inventory Items Organized


• EASY INVENTORY ORGANIZATION: Organize your inventory in folders and sub-folders. 5 levels of folders for flexible categorization (eg. Office > Warehouse > Rack> Box > Item). Use folders to denote physical locations or categories.

• MULTIPLE PHOTOS PER ITEM: Add up to 8 photos for items or folders to visually track your inventory. Customize photos with highlights and resizable arrows. Pinpoint that one object in a sea of objects!

• INCLUDE TAGS, NOTES, PRODUCT & WARRANTY INFORMATION : Add searchable tags and notes to folders and items. Add details of your items like SKU number, serial number, purchase date, warranty date etc. Schedule reminders to alert on purchase date returns or warranty expirations.

• TRACK LENDING & GET REMINDERS: Track lent items and set reminders for when to get them back

• BARCODE SCANNER: Lookup items with in built barcode scanner in seconds. Support for UPC, ISBN & EAN barcodes. Significantly reduce typing. (SORTLY PLUS ONLY)

• GENERATE ELEGANT QR LABELS: Bring beauty and zen to managing inventory. Create beautiful QR labels using off-the-shelf self-adhesive labels and link them to folders and items to track inventoey . (SORTLY PLUS ONLY)

• CLOUD BACKUP & SYNC: Use Sortly Plus to automatically backup your data. Use the same account across multiple devices to keep data in sync! Share the account with your friends, family or colleagues to share data with them! (SORTLY PLUS ONLY)

• AUTOSAVE TO EVERNOTE: Save your data to Evernote without lifting a finger!

• UPDATE LOCATIONS: Move your things in real life? No problem — it’s easy to update their locations in the app!

• MOVING CHECKLIST: Manage your move in one app!

• CSV IMPORT AND EXPORT: You have data in spreadsheets? No problem. Import or export CSV with Sortly! (SORTLY PLUS ONLY)

• PDF & DROPBOX EXPORT: Export your data to two different types of PDF: Album and List types. Now you can share the PDF with anybody! Export your photos to Dropbox with just one tap! (SORTLY PLUS ONLY)

• WEB ACCESS: Access all your data in the web! Utilize your computer’s large screen and keyboard to organize better! (SORTLY PLUS ONLY)

• Many, Many more features!

UPGRADE TO SORTLY PLUS – Sync. Label. Export.

• Sync data between devices. Backup to the cloud.
• Access on the Web.
• Create elegant labels and QR codes to scan & track everything you own.
• Save, share or print. Export to CSV, PDF, Dropbox or Evernote.
• Price: $4.99 monthly or $47.99 yearly
Several usability fixes in camera
Bug fixes and stability improvements

>>>Download Sortly- Inventory app for business, home inventory 1.2.8 APK<<<

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>>Download Sortly- Inventory app for business, home inventory 1.2.8 APK<<<

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