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Download iScala Warehouse Manager 2.0.621 APK

The iScala Warehouse Manager is a purpose built mobile application for Epicor iScala customers. The application supports stock taking operations, receiving, issuing and transferring goods between the warehouses. The application uses the device’s camera to read barcodes on the inventory items. It allows you to quickly count the items in your store and record the results. The application connects to iScala server over the secure connection to read and submit the changes.
Until the data is submitted to Epicor iScala it is stored locally on your device and you can safely interrupt your work and continue when appropriate. When the operation is complete you can submit the data to your iScala back office ERP from the mobile device.
Users can perform operations by warehouse or by warehouse locations. Multiple devices can be used simultaneously to carry out the Stock Taking on a single Warehouse if required.
The application supports two types of users: standard iScala users and authorized Windows domain users.
This application is only compatible with Epicor iScala 3.2 builds 317, 365 and 408.
UI Enhancements, bug fixes
German Translation

>>>Download iScala Warehouse Manager 2.0.621 APK<<<

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>>Download iScala Warehouse Manager 2.0.621 APK<<<

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